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Mobility Scorers

Fast locomotion scoring

Our world-class system ensures that you only focus on trimming.

Productive cows

We care about the health and welfare of cows. We believe healthy, happy cows produce superior milk, and can stay productive members of the herd for longer.

Sponsoring RoMS

We are proud sponsors of RoMS and share their values and high quality standards in scoring and cattle management.

Training and support

We’ll provide you with training and reliable technical support to make sure you feel comfortable and confident using the system.

3 scoring systems illustration
recording made simple

We support three scoring systems

Have complete control of the amount of detail you want in your scorings with 3 different scoring systems available.
sharing reports

Share your reports with other vets, trimmers and heard managers.

Our focus is to eradicate lameness so we do our best to keep integrating with other systems to help analyse your data to promote healthy cows.
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Accurate and quick records

Automatic reports generated from cow scorings

You can view one cow or all of them in one report.


Here are some of the useful features this system utilises for accurate and easy mobility scoring.

Digital Dermatitis

Record Digital Dermatitis at the touch of a button.

Video Recording

Instantly record videos while scoring.

Dashboard / Reports

All scorings automatically generated into easily accessible detailed reports.

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Moomatrix app on tablet
Moomatrix app dashboard on tablet

Online Farm Manager

Transfer all scorings online for customers to view.

Automated Backup

All your data is backed up and secure so you will never lose the work you have done.

Print / Emailing Report

Easily print and email out your reports at any time.

What we do

Top Cloud Manager Features

Just a few benefits of our cloud manager


Use the calendar to make hoof trimming appointments and see which cows need to be checked on the next visit.

Farm Management

Manage the details of farm(s), list of reports, bovines, EID records and view the overall history of your farm.

Report Management

Upload and review detailed reports including customised comments and images that detail each cow’s treatment record.

Veterinary Advice

Easily get in touch with a medical professional fir any advice you may need.


Our management system has been translated into 15+ languages to better help everyone have access.

Secure Storage

All data on the system is secure and protected so you never have to worry about losing your work.

Share Reports

Share your reports directly from the manager in any format that's best for you.

Multiple Users

Add users by logging into your admin account and selecting the relevant user type including trimmers, farm managers, vets, consultants and more.

Notifications and Alerts

You will be notified of any upcoming appointments you have keeping your schedule up to date.


Here are the questions people often ask us, if you have any more, don't hesitate to get in touch and ask us.

Yes, you can take pictures that will be displayed on the reports, these pictures can be viewed by those you allow access.

You can create individual records for each bovine by entering that bovines ID number into the app. all data will then be assigned to that bovine. The data can then be viewed at any time.

No we have three available methods of mobility scoring. So you have the option to pick which best suits you and the way you work.

Absolutely, You are in complete control when generating reports, you can control who you are willing to share your data with and all information will be completely secure and stored safely.

No. – The purchase is for the license to use the app but it does not come with a tablet. The MooMatrix App is recommended to be used with a 10 inch Android tablet.

Yes! – The two are part of the same package, the license includes both the mobility app and the online manager. Scores made on the field with the mobility app will be recorded and turned into detailed reports that can be viewed and managed on the MooMatrix Manager.

Smart pricing

Sharing with everyone

Share your reports to the people who need to see it:

Veterinary and Researcher's Plan


Per device billed annually

What clients are saying

Here are some testimonials from our happy customers.

"I use All4Dairy because vets and nutritionists can look at reports as soon as I’ve been on farm. They get to know what’s going on in farm without actually being there. I also love having 3 months data on the tablet so I can look back at the cow’s history."

Barry Davidson
Hoof Trimmer
“I like all trimming history of all cows available to me at any given time. All4Dairy gives me that I wouldn't go without it anymore.”

Martin VanBeek
Hoof Trimmer
"We use All4Dairy as it provides our customer with instant access to there records through the cloud system, making sure their accurate and reliable. Cutting away paper records so not only do I look professional but the farmer can present up to date records to their milk buyers."

NJB Hoofcare
Hoof Trimmer

We help you focus on trimming

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