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We started building our technology based on everything we learnt from the UK. Over the years we have been learning about lameness all over the world from our customers. We have taken all these ideas onboard to help us build a better system. I'm sure you'll agree there is still a lot that is unknown when it comes to lameness? Why not join us and help us develop the system further? We're always listening.

Distributor Perks


We can integrate your business branding and anything else you may need to advertise and promote the product.


If you do not have a website we can help you build one to promote your business.


We have translated our systems into 15+ languages, however if you want/need us to translate into another language let us know and we will get to it.


We believe on collaborating with our users and distributors so we welcome any ideas that you think will work well in your location.


We will work together to get you the best price and volume which will help your business stand out.


Our support team is always ready to help you with any questions you may have.

Moobility Ltd

Moobility ltd, uses the All4Dairy programme, because data is key in mapping where we are and where we need to be regarding lameness on individual farms. The vets love it my customers love it and what’s personally important to me as a technophobe is just how easy it is to use and the back up is superb.

Moobility Ltd

Ant Hoof Care

If you need a reference for your tablet it can’t get much better than this. I’m currently in London with the misses, I have no tablet all I have is my phone. Just had a customer call asking a couple questions about a cow. I said if you give me a few seconds I put him on loud speaker went on to the website searched the cow and went through everything with him there and then. Customer was delighted and got off the phone completely satisfied all because of All4Dairy. What more could we want as foot trimmers 🤷🏼‍♂️

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Ant Hoof Care

NJB Hoofcare

We use All4Dairy as it provides our customer with instant access to there records through the cloud system, making sure their accurate and reliable. Cutting away paper records so not only do I look professional but the farmer can present up to date records to their milk buyers.

NJB hoofcare
NJB Hoofcare

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Kim Smith
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John Williams
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Liz James
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We have translated our system in over 15 languages

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