About Us

About Us

We're connecting the world to help eradicate lameness.

Over the 8 years of development we're managed to incorporate ideas from over 25 countries into our systems to help in the early detection of lameness.


Year we were founded

5k +

Monthly active users

15 +


25 +

Countries using our products

Our approach

Listen to the users

"All4feet has allowed to take my trimming business to the next level. The ability to data share via the cloud has revolutionized the team approach by making trimming data more accessible"

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The human element

What's our secret? Great people.

Our team involves specialists in every stage of our projects. Hoof Trimmers, VETS, Farmers, Software developers, IT and Cyber Security professionals.

Our values


We make sure to always act with strong ethics keeping healthy cows at the heart of what we do, keeping everyone true to the company's goal.


Our team are dedicated to honesty and transparency. We earn trust in the industry by working with you to achieve the highest quality care.


Treating everyone with the respect and common decency we all expect. We care about delivering the best service to you.


Working together, we can create the best care for cattle and the most powerful scoring systems available to eradicate lameness.


We aim to be the best we can be and that means learning from mistakes and building upon them to continue to improve and build a sense of trust.

Diversity and Inclusion

Operating with a range of people with different backgrounds and skills, we work in a shared environment giving everyone an equal opportunity to develop and grow.


We have dedicated our lives to this industry and to the welfare of our cattle, and work hard every day to bring the best outcome we can.


No one has all the answers. That's why we work together to learn from one another and build upon our knowledge daily.


Dedication and passion are thrust into all our products, bringing out the best quality services we can provide for you and your cattle.

Promise To Customers

We aim to eradicate lameness in cattle and create a better customer experience for the people who need access to the cattle's data. Together, we can improve the lives of you and the herd.

Trusted by

The leaders

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Charlie Harding

CEO | Bovine Mobility Technician
Charlie is a registered RoMS mobility scorer. He spent the last 20 years in the hoof trimming industry and helping eradicate cattle lameness.
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Joe Hormenoo

Technology Director
Joe has spent the last 18 years in technology industry, converting paper based systems and securing business data. He works with the users to find out how to best improve and market our products.

Are you ready to make your business paperless?

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